I wish to thank the following teachers and mentors who have shaped my career as an illustrator and inspired my love for science, medicine, and art.

From the University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Program in Biomedical Visualization:
John Daugherty, Alice Katz, Deirdre McConathy, Lew Sadler, and Al Teoli

From the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Department of Art:
Kes Woodward, Terence Choy, and Bill Brody (pictured above) www.billbrodyartist.com

From Texas A&M University:
Dr. George Bates, Dr. Roger Feldman, Dr. Larry Cress, Dr. Hutchinson, and Robert Schiffhauer

From the Association of Medical Illustrators:
Gerry Hodge, Dr. John Cody, Bob Demarest and Bill Westwood (pictured) www.westwoodmedical.com


Special thanks to the medical consultants who have shared their wisdom over the years.

From New York Methodist Hospital’s Advanced Women’s Imaging and Prenatal Testing:
Neonatologist Natan Haratz-Rubenstein, M.D.

From Tomball Women’s Healthcare Center in Tomball, Texas:
OB/GYN Marie T. Sohner, M.D.

From the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center:
Neuro-Oncologist Charles Conrad, M.D.



Board Certified Medical Illustrator
Fellow, Association of Medical Illustrators

Master of Associated Medical Sciences, Biomedical Illustration
University of Illinois at Chicago, 1989

Bachelor of Arts, Drawing and Painting
The University of Alaska, 1986

Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Science
Texas A&M University, 1983


Skull Base Dissection – Oregon Health & Sciences University 2010
Minimally Invasive Neurological Surgery – Portland State University 2010
Upper and Lower Limb Dissection – Singapore General Hospital 2014
Axial Skeleton and Bones of the Upper/Lower Limb – Anatomist Youn Kwan Hyun, PhD 2014
Anatomical Accuracy from Surgical Photos for Medical Illustrators – Tan Bien Keem, MD 2014
Preparing Ornithological Specimens – Cleveland Museum of Natural History 2015
Engineered Perception and Prosthetic Limb Movement – Cleveland Clinic 2015
Anatomical Relationships of the Spinal Arterial Supply and Vertebral Column – Atlanta 2016
Common Anatomical Mistakes in Cardiac Anatomy | Marios Loukas, MD, PhD – Austin 2017
Construction of Neuroanatomical Models Using 3D Scanning Techniques – Milwaukee 2019
Chyle Leak | Tunde Odutoye, MD, The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh – AMI 2020
Post-surgical Management of Neuro-oncology Patients | Stefan Nowicki, MD, RCSE – AMI 2020
Stem Cells and Bioengineering for Brain Repair Strategies | Prof. D. Sakaguchi – Iowa 2022
Sources of Regenerative Capacity in Animals | A. Sanchez Alvarado, PhD – Iowa 2022