Pregnancy Images

40 Weekly Images for Lease
Set features a Latina mother, but may be modified to depict any race. Click image to see full LatinX set. Each week includes optional close-up insets. African American and Caucasian sets also available.


Women’s Right to Know Act
20 biweekly or 40 weekly images used by the US State Departments of Health. Check out the Louisiana site:

03 40 Weekly Academic THUMB

40 Weekly Images for Academic Lease
Award-winning images originally developed for  Available for academic lease only.

04 40 Weekly Pregnancy THUMBNAIL

40 Weekly Pregnancy Images
Available as separate images or as a full poster.  Animation available.

05 twins THUMB

Twins in Utero
Created for and available for academic lease only.

06 Comparative Thumb

Comparative Fetal Sizes
For the Texas State Department of Health and Human Services.

40 Fetal Close-ups
9 monthly, 20 biweekly, or 40 weekly sets.

Newborn Babies
Healthy neonate infants.

Pregnancy Images for Everyone
Fetal development illustrations showing various ethnic groups.

07 Labor Thumb

Labor and Delivery
Nine stages of labor, including C-section option.

Pregnancy Posters
Multiple poster variations with optional text.

Twin Pregnancy for Academic Lease
Originally developed for  Available for academic lease only.